Education Reform

Mission: To Improve Student Performance in Nevada


  • Enables parents to send their children to schools which best fit their needs.
  • Increases competition and competition improves performance by eliminating the public school monopoly.
  • Improves public schools by increasing per-pupil funding level which can be used to reduce class sizes and the teacher’s shortage.
  • Provides children from poor families the same opportunities as children from wealthy families.

  • Encourage systematic integration of vocational training into the educational curricula.
  • Provide education programs and job related skills for those students who are unlikely to attend college.
  • Address the needs of at-risk students who are most likely to excel in vocational educational programs.   

  • Place decisions about education and spending at the local level with the prevailing input from parents and teachers, not administrative bureaucrats.
  • Provide parents who are responsible for their children with greater control over programs and curricula.
  • Reduce the negative impact of large public school systems such as CCSD which encourage unaccountability and bloated bureaucracy and seem more committed to perpetuating their existence and serving the needs of special interest groups as opposed to serving the educational needs of all children.

  • Historical evidence shows that, despite massive spending increases, educational achievement has stagnated or declined in public school.
  • The U.S. Department of Education found that charter schools tend to serve a higher proportion of low-income and minority students than district-run schools.
  • While differences between large and small classes in early elementary school had no long-term effects on the earning power of adults, differences in classroom quality did.
  • All evidence indicates that full-day kindergarten produces no lasting benefit for students.

  • Attended legislative hearings in support of bills to promo all forms of Educational Choice.
  • Partnered with NPRI to organize and promote events to increase parent’s awareness of ESA legislation and educate them on how to advocate for more school choice.
  • Developing Training Materials to assist parents and other advocates of school choice in testifying at School Board Meetings and Legislative Hearings.
  • Attended parent and student rallies in support of SB506 to fund the ESAs which were declared constitutional by the Nevada Supreme Court.
  • Promoted AB 394 to convene a committee to study the break up of the CCSD into 5  school precincts.
  • Testified against the sex education curriculum.
  • Testified against program to allow children to choose bathrooms inconsistent with their physical sexual attribute.