Mission:  Implement "Abundant" Energy For Citizens, Businesses, Governments & National Security Facilities



  • Oppose continuation of energy policies set by state government to suit business and government interests and ignores citizen priority and national security facility interests for abundant and affordable sources of energy.
  • Define Energy as:
    "The forces that enable citizens, industry, government and all other types of life and physical forms in the Universe to exist and to do work.
  • Define Available Energy Resources as:
    "Energy wave and mineral forms capable of being transformed for use by humans to live, work, survive and enjoy life on Earth."
  • Define Abundant Energy for Nevada as:
    "Having more than enough of all forms of usable energy readily available to all citizens, businesses,  government and national security forces at reasonable rates and survivable features to afford to do everything they desire to do without being forced by government to conserve energy."
  • Sponsor state and federal legislation to amend the laws and statutes to establish the above or better definitions for revised energy goals to always provide top priority to citizen, business and national security force requirements.


  • Submit Nevada Bill Drafts to amend statutes to include the above or better definitions.
  • Promote the concept of "Abundant" energy throughout Nevada to earn public support for the concept of "Citizens, businesses and National Security First" when it comes to establishing energy policies.
  • Support federal defense plans to also apply to Nevada to establish MicroGrid-controlled, Small Modular Reactor-powered plants to be the best sources of abundant, independent electric power that produce no emissions, are walk-away safe, incapable of reactor accidents, are EMP/Cyberwar/Terrorism threat shielded, and are cooled by liquid metals, molten salts and/or other minerals instead of water so they can become the standard power production systems for the future of desert areas like Nevada.
  • Enable "abundant" energy to become the world standard for free world nations by sponsoring national amendments to laws to produce abundant energy that extends and complements the President's global policy for America to become the "Dominant" provider of all types of global energy products and power generation systems.