Tax Reform

Mission: Tax and Fee Reforms and Reductions


  • Conduct a thorough review and analysis of Nevada’s taxes to propose reforms which will minimize revenue volatility and distortions in economic behavior, reduce compliance costs, and promote tax equity. 
  • Oppose any and all legislation to increase property taxes. 
  • Propose property tax reductions for property owners in gated communities that require fewer and/or lower cost public services. 
  • Expose the excessive Nevada fee structures for both citizens and corporations and propose reductions to attract more small businesses and retirees to our state. 
  • Initiate legislation to require property tax payers to declare when paying property taxes on whether they want their property taxes allocated to public education budgets or ESA funding.


  • Repeal the Commerce Tax on gross receipts which places serious negative tax impacts on businesses with no profit and seriously discourages NV business creation and expansion. 
  • Repeal costly and complex compliance requirements which mandate that all Nevada businesses must file a tax return even if they are not subject to the tax. 
  • Eliminate exemptions on gaming revenues and Real Estate Investment Trusts at the expense of other businesses. 
  • Eliminate provisions which allow the business classifications and tax rates to be adjustable which will provide unfair advantages to incumbent politicians and highly paid lobbyists. 
  • Support the REFERENDUM ON PROVISIONS RELATED TO THE COMMERCE TAX FROM SENATE BILL NO. 483 OF THE 2015 LEGISLATIVE SESSION by recruiting and training volunteers to collect petition signatures for the 2018 Ballot Initiative and to educate the public by organizing and attending meetings and rallies in support of this effort.


  • Support and promote simplifying our tax code with lower rates, fewer brackets and the elimination of special loopholes, deductions, and exemptions to make compliance easier and more affordable. 
  • Reduce corporate taxes to make the US more competitive in attracting businesses and foreign investment. 
  • Oppose the deceptive concept of revenue neutrality. 
  • Support the efforts of the Republican National Committee and the Nevada Republican Party in working closely with the White House to promote President Trump's tax relief agenda by  identifying supporters through event based petition drives and going door to door to targeted homes