MISSION: Implement Trustworthy Nevada Elections In 4 Areas



  • Enforce the current election law. Only U.S. Citizens have rights to register and vote in local, state and national elections.
  • Require proof of citizenship & domicile when registering to vote.
  • Verification of citizenship by linking Secretary of State voter rolls and Homeland Security secured data base.


  • Consider votes to be much more valuable than gold.
  • Prevent fraudulent voting by requiring valid IDs before voting.
  • Require law enforcement to detect, investigate and prosecute fraudulent registration and voting as a felony.


  • Implement chain-of-custody and audit records for manual and machine ballot processing.
  • Conduct background checks for financial fraud and misconduct on election employees, contractors and volunteers prior to each election cycle.
  • Ensure election security provisions meet federal computer system security criteria similar to banking regulations and procedures.


   Propose amendments to state and federal statutes and regulations to:
  • Allow candidates for public office to independently verify ballot handling integrity procedures and have open access to audit selected sealed ballot records for up to 10{4dbcca007145f141f20e946969c983518eb28ccc51b99ee288767f9853e910df} of precincts in their districts without fees or other charges.
  • Authorize District Attorneys to open county sealed election records at any time without having to obtain court orders to investigate suspected election fraud and system failures.


           2015 Results:  NV Secretary of State opposed AB209 and Assembly Elections Committee Chair did not allow debate or a vote on AB209 stating that the total election system was fully protected from all kinds of failures and fraud.  However, there were no independent audits or expert studies with evidence to support the Secretary of State organizational claims.
+  Follow up:  79th Legislative Session [2017] Text For:  Mar 2017 AB389


  • 2016-2017 Legal Actions In Clark County Courts & NV Supreme Court:

+  NV White Pine County “Election Contest” Citing Statute Authority For Court to Permit Comparing Ballot Records To Electronic Reports For A Few Contested Precincts In 2015 Republican Primary For Congressional District 4:
– 1    00-11-2015 Original Draft Letter by White Pine County Republican Party Central Committee Requesting Court Action
– 2-0 03-16-2016 Final Petition to NV 7th District Court
– 2-1 Exhibit 1-Administrative
– 2-2 Exhibit 2-Evidence
– 2-3 Exhibit 3-References
– 3    04-11-2016 District Attorney Signs Favorable Stipulation
– 4    05-12-2016 Judge Gary D. Fairman Dismissal
+  Clark County Court Case A-16-739146-C by six (6) dissatisfied candidates for NV Assembly citing statute authority for contesting the Republican Primary Election by asserting their beliefs of possible election system malfunctions or fraud.
            –  0 Petition to 8th District Courts for 8 Election Contests      Eight Primary Candidates File Election Contests
            –  1 Emergency Writ of Mandamus for Case #71204     Election Fraud Case to be Heard by Nevada Supreme Court
            –  2  2016-09-27 Answer to Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus
            –  3  2016-10-11 Reply in Support of Writ      2016-10-11 Full Appendix to Reply in Support
            –  4  Election Fraud Case to be Heard by Nevada Supreme Court
            –  5  False Statements by Election Official Revealed in Supreme Court Case
            –  6  Unjust dismissal of Writ by NV Supreme Court


2014 Presentation to NV Certified Fraud Examiners Concerning Urgent Need For Independent CFE Audits of NV Voter Registrations, Voting Processes & Election Systems
Some Federal & State Voting Machines Standards Exist For Initial Hardware, But Fail To Match Federal Operational Computer Security Standards For Using Agencies.

Computer Security Experts Show that about $26 at Radio Shack is all that is needed to remotely control a Dominion Voting Machine similar to those used in Nevada.
Top Ten NV Election System Vulnerabilities
–  Why Audit Elections
–  Why NV Election System Can Not Be Considered Secure
–  2018 Presentation to NV Certified Fraud Examiners concerning need for “independent audits” of NV election system.
(EIC Approved: Rev. 5,  9/4/17)