Health Care

Mission:  Common Sense Affordable Health Care


  • Support the repeal of Obamacare which is not affordable to middle class Americans because of deductibles and premiums being so high as to render the policies useless effectively un-insuring the middle class. 
  • Support reforming Medicaid by instituting work requirements and prohibiting Illegal aliens from receiving benefits. 
  • Propose legislation to require medical services rendered to non-citizens be reimbursed by recipients or their families (sponsors) or face deportation or departure. 
  • Propose legislation that visitors to the US who choose to have non-emergency medical treatment provide proof of insurance coverage in the US or ability to pay prior to treatment rendered.


  • Reform Medicaid using the Florida Model that contracts with private insurers to provide comprehensive medical services to patients in the system rather than fee-for-service payments directly to medical providers. 
  • Promote Medical Savings Accounts to allow patients to pay premiums, deductibles and qualified medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. 
  • Restructure Medicaid benefits around Health Opportunity Accounts (HOAs) similar to Medical Savings Accounts. 
  • Allow individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines. 
  • Eliminate government coverage mandates to allow individual to purchase policies tailored to their needs. 
  • Create high-risk pools to address the needs of the small fraction of the uninsured with per-existing conditions.