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Affordable Energy


Mission:  Define & Implement Principles of Affordable Energy


  • Educate citizens of all ages about the critical, life-sustaining functions of abundant and affordable energy in the lifestyles of free societies.
  • Promote the rationale described in Roy Innis’ book that “Affordable Energy” is a “human/civil rights” requirement and that government must ensure it always available.
  • Provide historic information to show that affordable and abundant energy has made America great in the past and that low cost power was a vital element in winning WWII and the Cold War.
  • Define “affordable energy” for Nevada citizens in the statutes and advocate for implementation by the Executive Branch.
  • Work to establish the maximum citizen electricity rate to be 50{4dbcca007145f141f20e946969c983518eb28ccc51b99ee288767f9853e910df} less than current rates, or lower, as soon as possible; but, not later than January 1, 2025.
  • Promote unrestricted “all the above” energy developments in Nevada and work to eliminate state, federal, industrial, legislative and political restrictions for exploring, developing and delivering products using Nevada’s nuclear, fossil, geo-thermal, solar and wind energy resources.
  • Support new regional policies for implementing county-sponsored and widely used Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and cyber war shielded, MicroGrid energy controlling technology to provide independent, tamper-proof, life-sustaining, minimum-essential, backup power to Nevada communities when the National Electric Grid goes dark for extended periods.
  • Help sponsor state and federal legislation to ensure that long-term, low-cost, distributed, walk-away safe, emissions-free, sealed, tamper-evident, terrorist-shielded, water-free cooling and up to 30-year, un-refueled burn up of nuclear waste by advanced nuclear power systems are included in the list of approved renewable/carbon-free  portfolio systems.
  • Help ensure the new, advanced reactor power systems are allowed to be licensed and installed anywhere in Nevada with no more regulatory constraints or favorable tax benefits than other types of power plants.
  • Advocate for establishing the construction of Carbon-Free Energy plants in Nevada to sell over the Grid to states who have high levels of RPS power standards but are not allowing such energy to be produced in their states.
  • Sponsor Nevada summit meetings, industry symposiums, technical workshops and educational forums to identify how to rapidly implement Affordable Energy goals within the state by October 1, 2020.
  • Lead the efforts to obtain Nevada and adjoining state Native Indian Tribal support for these clean energy policies and agenda that will significantly benefit all Nevada and most adjoining state residents.

This Subcommittee’s source of inspiration, policies and actions is “Energy Keepers, Energy Killers, The New Civil Rights Battle” by Roy Innis. It is believed to be the most comprehensive, accurate and authoritative book ever published about the critical shortages, lifestyle impacts, and civilization degradation due to the lack of “affordable energy” for poor, minority and disadvantaged Americans.
That book was a harbinger for helping to expose the critical foundation required for restructuring and rebuilding the domestic energy policies set by bureaucratic, inefficient and conflicted government leaders. But, until NevadansCAN Network decided to sponsor this historic work, few grassroots citizen organizations have been willing and able to directly challenge the status quo.
Energy prices must be significantly reduced in the near future to achieve success for this critical lifeblood of modern civilization, vital element of American industrial power, and key to personal successful pursuits of happiness. Affordable energy must become an essential goal of elected officials and Public Utility Commissions. Under this subcommittee, our citizens will be organized to become capable of demanding much more affordable energy in the future.
It seems clear that we citizens must readily accept and actively promote Roy Innis’ challenge and refuse to accept the high levels of unreasonable energy conservation and “skyrocketing energy prices” as projected by uncaring and conflicted politicians.
This publication should be a “must read” by individuals involved in setting and managing domestic energy policies. And, as Roy Innis has declared, affordable energy is the American Civil Rights priority for the 21st Century. Compelling evidence for the book’s claims and recommendations are well documented.
Below the cover images is a full quote of the book’s “Preface”. It serves as the overview of this subcommittee’s work. But, to gain the full benefits of this historic publication, it should be read.


ISBN 10: 0-936783-52-4
ISBN 13: 978-0-936783-52-9
© 2008 by Roy Innis
Published by Merril Press
P.O.Box 1682,
Bellevue, WA 98009
Phone: 425-454-7009
Available from Amazon Books

Author’s Preface by Roy Innis

“This book is about energy–your energy. It’s about what you cook with, how you heat your home, what makes your television work, how you get places, what makes your job possible, what runs your whole world. It’s about money–more money every day, it seems. A tank of gas, utility bills, a bag of groceries, all give us ever-growing money pain.
And it’s about injustice. High utility bills are a leading cause of homelessness. Just getting to work every day eats up more and more of our income. Higher energy costs force companies to lay off workers. Some must then choose between heating and eating.
Energy is the “master resource,” the foundation for everything else. Abundant, reliable, affordable electricity, natural gas and transportation fuels make our jobs, health and living standards possible.
Energy is the great equalizer, the creator of economic opportunities and true environmental justice. Push energy prices up and everybody suffers. When energy costs too much, industry lays people off, or just leaves. Jobs, incomes and tax revenues vanish. Government social programs wither. Talent and leadership migrate, to other cities or other countries. Social ills multiply.
Who gets hurt first? The poor and disadvantaged. And we all know that racial and ethnic minorities include more than our fair share of the poor and disadvantaged. The result is energy racism: Policies that unnecessarily raise energy prices destroy jobs, make poor families pay ever larger chunks of their meager incomes for energy, and cause our hard-won victories for voting and other civil rights to crumble to dust.
That’s why I say the fight over energy is the critical civil rights battle of our era. It’s not Jena, symbolic nooses, or derogatory language. It’s energy. And that’s why I wrote this book. America’s energy supply is in danger. Your utility bills, the price you pay at the pump, and your job security are in danger – and not just because of Middle East oil wars or competition from China and India. Our rights are being endangered because of what’s happening right here at home.
I’m talking about well-funded, aggressive, deceptive campaigns that are gathering steam right now, threatening jobs, budgets and families by shutting down energy production on American soil. I’m talking about new “hunting and fishing groups” that spend little time or money enjoying the outdoors – and a lot of it fighting against oil, gas and coal production right here in America.
I’m talking about affluent environmental groups that look for the best places to drill for oil and gas or mine for coal, and then deliberately pressure politicians to declare these places “wilderness” areas, turning them into energy graveyards. They’ve buried decades’ worth of energy – your energy. I’m talking about foundations that give millions to these zealots every year, to slow or stop production of your energy on your public lands.
Choke off energy supplies, and energy prices go up and up. Even Congress can’t repeal the laws of supply and demand.
Some politicians are demanding higher fuel economy (miles per gallon) from cars that then have to be made smaller, lighter and less safe – costing more lives every year. These elitist policy makers are deciding how you should live your life – what kind of house you should have, what kind of car you should drive, what kind of vacation you should take and how you can get there–and even what standard of living you “deserve.”
They cause poor families to lose their homes. They make life tougher for families who’ve worked, struggled and sacrificed to join the middle class. Then they throw out crumbs that make us beggars at the American banquet.
What’s their bottom line? They don’t want you to have abundant, reliable, affordable energy. They believe what activist Jeremy Rifkin said about adequate, affordable energy: “It’s the worst thing that could happen to our planet!”
They believe what biologist Paul Ehrlich said about adequate, affordable energy: “It would be like giving a machine gun to an idiot child. Are you the “idiot child” he’s talking about? Yes. Am I? Yes. Ehrlich and his elitist friends think all of us who don’t share their wealth, their views, their power over others, or their bigotry are “idiot children. That kind of prejudice has got to be stopped.
It’s popular to blame rising energy costs on price gouging by big corporations. But what about the nearly 50 cents in taxes stuck on a gallon of gas today? That’s government price gouging.
What about stacks and stacks of dubious environmental rules? The costs are so well hidden we can only guess the exact amount they add to our utility bills, but it’s enormous. That’s regulatory price gouging.
What about the huge federal land areas out West with years’ worth of oil, gas, coal, nuclear and other energy resources that have been placed off limits? That’s our energy. When we can’t develop it, we have to import more from countries that don’t like us, and pay more for it. That’s environmentalist price gouging.
And what about legislation that forces us to use politically correct “renewable” energy, like wind and solar, that’s expensive, unreliable, land-gobbling, and unable to produce enough fuel or electricity for a modern society? That’s ideological price gouging.
All of this is bad enough. But politicians also want to force families to pay thousands of dollars a year to “stop global warming” with “cap-and-trade” schemes that would cost the typical family thousands of dollars a year, every year. You can argue about the science of global warming, but there is no argument about the cost of political global warming tactics.
German consumers found that out the hard way when “cap-and trade” laws sent their utility bills soaring 25 percent in 2007. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s advisor, Lars Josefsson, dismissed the hardships. Higher prices, he said, are “the intent of the whole exercise. If there were no effects, why should you have a cap-and-trade system?”
They want to make energy more expensive and less available! They are deliberately waging a war against energy – against energy consumers – against us. We have to defend ourselves. But how? We can’t force companies to produce more energy.
We don’t have the millions of dollars that anti-energy campaigners use to stop companies from producing more energy. We don’t have an army of lobbyists, we don’t have big foundation donors. But we do have the power to resist injustice. If somebody is trying to take our heat, light, jobs and travel away from us, we have the right and the duty to resist. We have a right to sit at the energy lunch counter–to not be forced to sit at the back of the energy bus.
We can and must make our voices heard, in no uncertain terms. We must tell those anti-energy activists and politicians: This is our energy. These are our jobs. These are our families. And we won’t stand for this injustice anymore.
We can and must block them every time they try to stop energy producers from doing their job: providing us with the energy we need to live.
There are three key players in this new civil rights battle:
Energy Providers: The people who produce energy for everything we do, everything we buy, everything we dream of. They are miners, drillers, railroad workers, loggers, engineers, and scientists. They search the planet for energy and deliver it to our homes, schools, and businesses.
Energy Killers: The people who try to stop the Energy Providers. They are activists and politicians who oppose oil and gas drilling, coal mining, nuclear power, and practically all other energy production. They seek to choke off the abundant, reliable, affordable American resources we need.
Energy Keepers: The people like you and me who need and use energy, who benefit from the efforts of the Energy Producers, and who suffer when the Energy Killers win. Energy Keepers stand up and fight for affordable energy.
In this new civil rights battle, we must unite and protect ourselves from the Energy Killers. We need to demand more energy, not less. We need to demand a seat at the lunch counter, at the front of the bus, at the table where decisions are made. We need to demand that the Energy Killer campaigns end – that the Energy Killers stop cutting off our supplies, stop pricing us out of the American Dream, and stop violating our basic civil rights.
We need more Energy Keepers if we are to win this civil rights battle. This book tells you what is at stake, who the Energy Killers are, and how you can become an Energy Keeper. It lays out a plan for how Energy Keepers can win this battle. This is, I hope and pray, how we can protect ourselves, our families, our jobs, and our energy civil rights.”
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