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Recycle Nuclear


Mission:  Promote Economic Recycling Of Used Nuclear Materials Instead Of Dumping Into Million-Year Storage & Establish Parallel Plans For Turning Nevada Into The National Carbon-Free Energy Center


This NevadansCAN Energy Security Action Committee Top-Level Report lays the foundation for potentially huge savings in the operating costs of current and advanced small nuclear plants, highlights the hundreds of billions of potential future economic and business value to NV citizens, and identifies critical national security impacts being hidden from public view by those blocking common sense decisions to open Yucca Mountain (YM) and a nearby National Nuclear Recycling Plant. 
  1. A Million-year Yucca Mountain Repository Plan Is Not Practical or Economical: Current plans are driven by a 10,000 to 1,000,000 year time period to permanently dispose of used US nuclear fuel requiring an estimated  $100,000,000,000 Yucca Mountain Repository.  Recycle of the about 95% of valuable constituents of the spent fuel and selling the products back to the originating nuclear plants would dramatically reduce this time horizon, cut national security risks, and reduce costs by a huge factor.
  2. Recycling would result in nearly 100% utilization of the fuel content and the production of a far less challenging, much shorter half-life residual fission product waste stream.
  3. If recycling is not performed on the spent fuel, it is estimated that from 3 to 10 more YM sites costing additional hundreds of billions more taxes would be needed for the additional future production of spent fuel. And, the continued local state storage of used fuel in wet and dry storage presents large additional economic costs and may represent significant national security risks.
  4. Due to Nevada’s blocking of YM, tens of millions has been frivolously spent on state law suits and hundreds of millions of taxes by Federal Agencies without NV citizens knowing of the value proposition.
  5. The potential for billions of payments to Nevada citizens from hosting a Nevada Nuclear Recycling Center cannot be realized by refusing to negotiate a citizen economic benefits plan similar to Alaska’s oil pipeline payments program, and by not developing Nevada into a 21st Century small reactor R&D leader.
  6. Establishing a National Nuclear Recycling Center on land near Yucca Mountain and eliminating the massive accumulation of reusable spent fuel rods can be a key to helping to achieve over 50% RPS success as mandated in some of the state legislation. Many expert scientists believe that nuclear power can qualify as a Carbon-Free/Emissions-Free energy resource under renewable portfolio standards (RPS).
  7. Since only about 5% of the energy value of nuclear fuel rods are consumed before recycling, eliminating the long-term hazards from holding the resulting spent rods would be a far more responsible, sustainable and economically viable path than burying the recyclable fuel rods in permanent, million-year storage.
  8. About $40 Billion of fees have been paid to DOE by American citizens in other states while waiting for YM to be opened and waiting to pay to ship their used fuel rods to the national YM repository.
  9. Tens of Millions of storage/security costs are from holding dangerous, surplus Plutonium originating from sources such as nuclear weapons dismantling sites, but not being consumed as part of recycled fuel.
  10. Millions are also lost in other states on such items as unneeded land acquisitions, land preparation costs, liability insurance, extra storage modifications, extra storage containers, and extra security services for having to unnecessarily hold excess quantities of used fuel rods in the past few decades.

Questions For Officials At Public Events:

NevadansCAN Energy Security Action Committee’s 20 Questions Supporting Recycling Nuclear By-Products challenges the scientific credibility and sincerity of political objections to opening of the Yucca Mountain Repository and an adjoining National Nuclear Recycling Center.  Each question in this list is designed to be respectfully asked by non-expert individuals at public events and will sometimes contain purposeful, overlapping points.  
  1. Isn’t it true Nevada citizens have been denied the truth concerning the major economic, energy choice and national security benefits to them from hosting a National Nuclear Recycling Center in addition to a Repository?
  2. Isn't it true that false claims are being routinely delivered to the public by many Nevada elected leaders based on inaccurate public opinion polls and wrongful opposition to opening the Yucca Mountain Repository and an adjoining Nuclear Recycling Center?
  3. Isn't it true it is not economically feasible to implement a Yucca Mountain Repository without a parallel Reprocessing Plant? Why does Nevada not negotiate for the billions needed to build such a plant, and for the business jobs, profits and billions of future citizen payments similar to the Alaska pipeline deal?
  4. Isn't it true that our citizens are being denied from knowing the full truth about the tens of BILLIONS of national tax and citizen energy rate payments being unfairly collected for decades by Government officials who have blocked the opening of YM as the national recycling center for nuclear by-products?  And, why are Nevada citizens being denied from receiving cash dividends derived from reprocessing and selling recycled fuel rods back to operational nuclear plants and eliminating concerns about long-term storage?
  5. Isn't it also true that it would be impossible to build only one, isolated dump site, and that from 3 to 10 additional permanent nuclear dump sites would be required for future spent rods if such a flawed, million-year dumping policy was ever implemented?
  6. Isn't it true that there are no valid health, water, or transportation impacts or negative Nevada visitor opinion data supporting the political oppositions to opening up a Nevada Nuclear Repository and a Nuclear Recycling Center on the NNSS in this century?
  7. Isn’t it true that all claimed concerns about opening a million-year nuclear waste dump in Yucca Mountain can be eliminated by simply constructing and operating a Recycling Center and converting used nuclear fuel rods into new fuel rods and safely return them to refuel the nuclear power plants originating the used rods?
  8. Isn't it true that so-called "spent" fuel rods contain 95% to 97% recyclable/reusable Uranium materials that cannot be considered true "waste"?  Plans to “dump” them must be considered totally wasteful behavior!
  9. Isn't is also true that the only feasible and economical plan for handling hundreds of tons of used fuel rods containing 95-97% recyclable minerals is to recycle and reuse them in current reactors and/or burn them up/consume them in new generation, "fast and/or fast breeder" and other advanced reactors?
  10. Isn’t it true that some such advanced "fast/fast breeder” reactors can be sealed, can internally “burn up/consume” all recycled nuclear materials, create no external emissions, and not have to be opened and refueled for up to 30 years? 
  11. Isn’t it true that sealed, buried underground, walk-away-safe, advanced reactors could be installed in existing land areas to replace massive, above ground reactors, coal, and gas heat generators to stop generation of accumulated by-products and harmful emissions?
  12. Isn't also true that some advanced nuclear reactors could be built to be sealed, buried underground to protect against tampering and terrorism, release no emissions, be walk-away-safe and reliably and cheaply produce electricity 24 hours, 7 days a week, for 365 days a year without refueling for up to 30 years?
  13. Isn't it true that 40 states have been forced to unnecessarily hold huge stockpiles of spent nuclear fuel rods costing tens of billions of dollars to fellow American tax payers due to apparent conflicts of financial interests by politicians who favor solar, wind and fossil fuel alternatives to clean nuclear power?
  14. Isn't it true that Nevada politicians blocking YM as a nuclear recycling center are causing the federal government to waste tens of millions of taxes for having to pay states for legal settlements for failing to open YM?
  15. Isn't it true that other states are being forced to accumulate thousands of tons of dangerously-located spent fuel rods near oceans, great lakes and rivers where they are highly vulnerable to natural disasters and terrorism attacks that may cause toxic, radio-active clouds to be created and prevailing winds to cause distribution of dangerous radiation across the nation?
  16. Isn't it true that other state electricity customers are being forced by Nevada political leader policies to unnecessarily pay (a) for the acquisition, improvements and maintenance of unneeded secure storage space, (b) for the construction and open storage of thousands of unneeded used fuel rod storage casks, and (c) for holding spent fuel rods at highly vulnerable power plant sites instead of routinely shipping the used rods to the lawfully-ordered repository?
  17. Isn’t it true that U.S. companies are vulnerable to losing their nuclear technical edge and  must have access to the finest Small Modular Reactor technologies and fuels at minimum costs to compete in global markets being led now and likely to be dominated by such as China, Russia, France, India, Japan, UK and South Korea? 
  18. Isn't it true that millions of state and federal taxes are being unwisely/wastefully spent by Nevada politicians to create unreasonable and dangerous delays in opening the National Yucca Mountain Repository and a National Nuclear Security Site Recycling Center?  
  19. Isn’t it true that Nevada businesses, citizens and government will massively benefit from turning Nevada into a 21st Century National Carbon-Free Energy Center starting with YM and a Nuclear Recycling Center?  Are such actions highly likely to be followed by public-private implementations of a National Carbon-Free Energy Laboratory, a Carbon-Free Energy R&D Center, Small Modular Reactor Systems Manufacturing Park, and Carbon-Free Energy Production Farm selling clean energy to other states over the national Grid!
  20. Isn’t it true that politicians and businesses will deserve the public and social media  ridicule and condemnation received if they continue to block federal opportunities  to  implement a National Nuclear Repository and National Nuclear Recycling Plant in Nevada and forego all of the massive, directly-related subsequent business opportunities?   
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