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Assured Energy


Mission:  Promote Carbon-Free Energy Concepts & Plans For Systems Integration, Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations In A Joint National Carbon-Free Energy Center Adjoining The Yucca Mountain Lab On The Nevada National Security Site


Promote Global, Domestic & National Security Facility Assured Energy Survival Goals:

  • Replace "best efforts" and other inadequate terms of describing the insufficient goals often used to excuse the limited abilities of energy companies, Co-ops, Public Utility Commissions, and government leader policies who should be required to provide always available electricity, vehicle fuels and other types of energy needed by citizens and national security organizations for America to survive and prosper in the next century.
  • Educate NV citizens how our electric Grid systems are currently vulnerable to being destroyed without warning by enemy EMP, cyber and terrorist attacks that if allowed to be continued to be unprotected and not restoreable could lead to tens or hundreds of millions of citizens and domestic animals dying from disease, starvation, polluted water and lack of shelter.
  • Support major upgrades to NV electric power Grid systems to assure adequate protection of our life-sustaining electricity could enable our civilization to survive and to rapidly restore energy resources--regardless of type of threat.
  • Establish augmentation and backup to NV Electric Grid services with MicroGrid controlled carbon free energy production plants sponsored by the State and County Commissions as top, life-saving infrastructure investment priorities for the state.
  • Foster/promote fair energy services competition through fair and equal business taxation rules for all carbon free power formats including MicroGrid-controlled, advanced, Small Modular Nuclear power plants.
  • Strongly support a revised Nevada policy to reduce the Yucca Mountain area repository mission to be a temporary storage and reprocessing/recycling facility that produces marketable products of high value to both global nuclear power plants and the highly advanced fuels that create almost zero by-products by the future nuclear power plants.

Promote domestic energy goals of Abundant, Affordable and Assured (3A) carbon-free power services for citizens, industry, government and national security facilities.

  • Enable production of “Abundant Energy” for all citizens and businesses so there will be more than enough low-cost electricity available to satisfy future demands by a growing population, expanding industry, and government agencies.
  • Ensure consumers will not be energy limited by artificial conservation requirements achieved through tax-redistribution or other social engineering schemes.

Install Survivable/Hardened MicroGrid Power Control Systems:

  • Install “3A” domestic electric power systems to include all types of Grid power options using oil, gas, solar, wind, geo-thermal, nuclear and highly advanced Small Modular Reactor (SMR) powered plants integrated by MicroGrids to be able to achieve "Assured" electric power.
  • Use hardened MicroGrids controlling multiple power production plants that create a paradigm shift in how our civilization provides unlimited and uninterruptible sources of electricity while effectively coping with natural disasters, widely distributed business and mining developments, and domestic national defense and training functions.
  • Using advanced technologies capable of being included in hardened MicroGrids and Small Modular Reactors to create the "Nevada Carbon-Free Energy Research Park" and "Nevada Carbon-Free Energy Production Farm" on public and private land near a Yucca Mountain "National Nuclear Recycling Center".
  • Establish Nevada as the "National Center of Carbon-Free Energy Development, Manufacturing, Production and Manufacturing".  Ensure products include hardened, survivable, carbon-free energy production systems for leased plant sales and services for U.S. and global markets.

Promote Establishing a National Carbon-Free Energy Research Center/Park on federal and private lands on and near Yucca Mountain to invent and implement “3A” energy capabilities so city, rural, arctic, mountainous, desert and other remote areas can implement hardened industrial, modern habitable, mine-able, and farm-able communities using widely-distributed, sealed, walk-away safe, and emission-free MicroGrid distribution systems.

  • Team with the Nevadans 4 Carbon Free Energy Corporation in Northern Nevada and a wide variety of other traditional and clean energy groups to convert Yucca Mountain from an obsolete, million-year repository plan to a Common Sense "National Nuclear Recycling Center" requiring only very limited, medium-term storage needs.
  • Establish a new NV "National Carbon-Free Energy Research Park" to create new technologies for designing and implementing advanced nuclear fuels for new generation reactors, long-term lease federal land to companies to conduct advanced pilot testing and mass production lines of hardened MicroGrids powered by Small Modular Reactors for the global markets.
  • Establish an independent, commercial power generation center for Carbon-Free Energy Production to sell over the national Grid to provide normal, backup and supplemental power resources to Western States customers, and to help generate billions of annual cash payments with over $2,500.00 being paid to Nevada Citizens somewhat similar to how the Alaskan Pipeline Agreement provides.

Establish a Joint National Grid Restoration, Spares & Technical Data Center at the Hawthorne, Nevada Defense Munitions Depot.

  • Provide access to repair or replacement technical data and critical War Readiness spare parts to enable rapid emergency repairs for seriously damaged Grid components anywhere in the U.S..
  • Enable joint civilian- military (Reserves and/or National Guard) air mobile grid repair and restoration teams to access quick reaction data and service teams prepared to respond to all kinds of critical Grid failures and destruction in all states and overseas U.S. protected areas as Puerto Rico, Virgin islands, Guam and Solomon Islands.
  • Establish a joint civilian-military operational concept at Hawthorne Depot so costs are appropriately shared for the items, staffs and services offered.

Advocate for protection of current and future power production systems, Grid components and other Critical Infrastructure with hunter-killer, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) operated by Air National Guard and law enforcement units.

  • Advocate for Nevada State-wide air space be capable of being positively controlled to counter Unmanned Air Vehicles used for future terrorist threats against critical infrastructure as  needed by DHS, DoD and FAA resources.
  • Ensure that all levels of government, power companies, energy rate-payers, citizens and County Commissions pay their fair shares for such essential aerial protection services for federal, state, local, commercial and private properties.

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