ENERGY: Nuclear Power Industries, Bill Gates & Other Carbon-Free Energy News

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  1.      Environmentalists For Nuclear–USA:  23Feb18 Congress Passed Bipartisan Bill Unanimously For $2 Billion For Advanced Reactors!

  2.      Environmentalists For Nuclear–USA:  9Dec2010 How To Stop Global Warming–by Bill Gates

  3.      NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute):  Small Modular Reactor Milestone!

  4.      NEI:  Report:  No U.S. Source of Advanced Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Confirms Our National Carbon-Free Power Center Plan for Nevada

  5.      NEI:  Congress Law For Nuclear Tax Credit Could Benefit Construction of Nuclear Recycling Plant at Yucca Mountain To Replace “Dump” Plan

  6.      NEI:  Report: U.S. In Danger of Ceding Nuclear Technology Leadership–Confirms NevadansCAN Energy Plan Requirement for Nevada!

  7.      NEI:  Report:  Moving To A New Global Era In Advanced Nuclear Reactors–Will Nevada Be A Player?

  8.      NEI: Overview:  Used Nuclear Fuel Issues–Including Yucca Mountain

  9.      NEI:  Industry Perspective on Yucca Mountain Used Nuclear Fuel Repository Plan

  10.      DOE: Mission:  Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy

  11.      Bill Gates’ Strong Support of Carbon-Free Nuclear Power:

          +    Introduction To Interview:

           +    Why Nuclear Power Is Best:

           +    Implementing Advanced Nuclear Power Systems is Daunting:

           +    Bill’s Investment Interests For Nuclear Power Systems:

                 (Note:  Link to full Bill Gates interview with the Wall Street Journal may require a subscription.)