IMMIGRATION/DACA: NevadansCAN Goes National On Immigration Policies & Rule of Law In The Hill Newspaper! (February 5, 2018)

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NevadansCAN goes national! This morning our NevadansCAN network is profiled in the Hill Newspaper, through a column written by Niger Innis. The column is on DACA and Immigration. In it Niger outlines the process of assimilation of previous immigrants who understood the privilege of coming to America and contrasts that with current illegal aliens who come here with a very different attitude. He has generously mentioned our work at NevadansCAN and provided a link to tour our Immigration Policy as posted on our website.
As we all know The Hill is one of the most well read and influential newspapers in Washington DC.  Hopefully, we will have some influence in getting the necessary fundamental changes to our immigration system that our country so desperately needs.

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