Nana America Fight to Protect Our Rights and Freedom

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January 30, 2020

Nana America to Protect Our Rights and Freedom

These 2 badass golden girls singlehandedly started NevadansCan, testified before the State Assembly, and filed for an injunction against AB291, which has bought us some time.  They did all of this because they believe in the 2nd Amendment, and because they’re more committed to it than we are.  Everyone else gave up after AB291 passed.  You, me, the NRA, EVERYONE.  Everyone except for 2 tough Grandmas who are cooler than all of us.

I felt like I was talking to Captain America’s grandma …. and you don’t say no to Nana America. I’m joining Julie and Mary in this fight. Let me know if you will too. ~ Greg Wohler, Owner of Valkyrie Combat Gun Store – Read more: event-join-the-fight-against- the-nv-red-flag-law/

Hundreds of freedom fighters came out to join us for the rally on January 19th. We are thankful for their generous show of support and donations. The event helped generate one of the best fundraising weeks on record. If you missed the event and would like to support Nana America, visit our website,, to sign up to receive our news updates or donate at:

To send a donation check: Pay to NevadansCAN and mail to 2505 Anthem Village Dr. E354, Henderson NV 89052

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