ENERGY: Latest Energy Security Action Committee Presentation to Congress, NV Candidates, Legislature, NV Government & Concerned Citizens (January 31, 2018)

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(Link) Updated Common Sense Plan Dealing With Yucca Mountain & Nevada Carbon-Free Power Center (Ver17, 30jan18)

Video Clip (2 min.):  (Link) DOE Secretary Perry announces his strong support for advanced nuclear power (2017)
Video Clip (3 min.):  (Link) DOE Introduces Yucca Mountain Laboratory (1997)
Video Clip (4 min.):  (Link) Argonne National Laboratory (DOE) Explains Nuclear Recycling (2012)
Video Clip (6 min.):  (Link) How Is It Possible To Worry About Global Warming & Not Be Pro Nuclear Energy? (2015)
Video Clip Below (30 sec.):   Nevada Carbon Free Energy Center/Park (2016)
Video Clip Below (2.2 min.):  “Pandora’s Promise“, Main Theater Movie Trailer, Nuclear Energy promoted by leading green energy advocates (2012)
Video Clip Below (3 min.): “The New Fire“, Main theater movie teaser about advanced nuclear power being the solution for global energy and carbon reductions. (2017)


Nevada Carbon Free Energy Center/Park Clip


Pandora’s Promise, The Movie Trailer


The New Fire, Movie Teaser