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Yucca Mountain, Nevada


The proposed site of a million-year, $100+ Billion repository of spent nuclear fuel.

But, massive inventories of spent nuclear fuel in about 40 states have been projected by Argonne National Laboratory to be able to be recycled to  support the entire United States with low cost, safe, Carbon Free Power for thousands of years without discharging excess CO2 or other pollution into our global environment.  Citizens who are highly concerned over excess CO2 should be 100{4dbcca007145f141f20e946969c983518eb28ccc51b99ee288767f9853e910df} in favor of the below plan.  It is the only way to ever solve the global excess CO2 issue.

See this 4-minute video by Argonne Laboratory explaining recycling of spent nuclear fuel to citizens.



With this in mind, please review our linked vision for a modern, “Common Sense” Energy Security Plan:
Energy Program Definition Document as of 20Apr18


Instead of a “million-year dump”, the highly valuable, 95{4dbcca007145f141f20e946969c983518eb28ccc51b99ee288767f9853e910df} recyclable uranium embedded in the spent fuel must be converted into advanced nuclear fuel and the resulting government savings and product profits used for a new and unique Nevada National Center for Carbon Free Energy Laboratory and Industrial Research Park. 

The Common Sense Plan could create a long-term Nevada economic boom much like California’s Silicon Valley in the 20th Century and the historic silver and gold rush days in the old West.

In addition, many environmental leaders now believe that advanced nuclear power systems fueled by recycled spent fuel is the only way to satisfy global exploding demands for electricity and purified water.

It can be demonstrated on a bipartisan basis that only advanced, Carbon Free Nuclear Power systems can simultaneously produce the required quantities of abundant, affordable, assured, reliable, safe and non-polluting electricity needed by the rapidly growing global populations while also reducing to near zero the total quantities of excess carbon dioxide and other undesirable elements released into the air and onto the ground by fossil fuel powered systems.

For more information by a leading environmentalist, Michael Shellenberger, who changed his mind on why nuclear energy is the only way to save the environment, and why he believes that unjustified fear of nuclear power is hurting the environment.  See these two powerful videos by Mr. Shellenberger

Bottom Line?  Use jobs and economic benefits from a new nuclear recycling plant near the Yucca Mountain area to Enable Carbon Free modular nuclear power systems to be leased and operate unrefueled for up to 30 years; produce power 24/7/365; protect against terrorist, EMP and cyber threats; be pollution-free, walk-away safe and proliferation-proof while providing turn-key, onsite services for civilian, national security, FEMA and global customers.

Here is the link to a PDF version of our full PowerPoint Presentation on our Plan.

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