Congressional Green New Deal Energy Plan Debunked By Global Environmental Activist, Michael Shellenberger!

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Global Leading Environmental Activist Michael Shellenberger (Oakland, CA) destroyed the credibility of the energy elements in the Green New Deal (GND) Congressional Resolution (H.Res.109) as shown in this link: 
Michael advocates the common sense pro-nuclear energy position that, if teamed with the detailed road map in our NevadansCAN-compatible National Energy Security “Carbon-Free Energy” Program, could rapidly become the national, nonpartisan, implementation plan to eliminate air pollution from power production within a couple of decades.
If you can agree, I would greatly appreciate your subscribing to his web site with email to “Michael Shellenberger” <> to thank him for his exceptionally outstanding pro-nuclear energy work on behalf of humans everywhere, and to mention that you are participating in Las Vegas Colonel Bob Frank’s NevadansCAN Energy Security Action Committee who are seeking ways to team up with all pro-nuclear energy organizations .  For best results, recommend you keep your comments short and memorable.  Michael is very busy.
To learn much more info on Michael Shellenberger and his work, check out this link:

Here is a quote from the first link to whet your appetite for more info:

“How Green New Deals Fail

In 2003 I co-founded a progressive Democratic, labor-environment push for a Green New Deal. We called ours a “new Apollo project,” after the 1969 moonshot.
But it was the same green agenda of advocating taxpayer money — we asked for $300 billion — for efficiency and renewables.
By 2007 our efforts paid off when then-candidate Barack Obama picked up our proposal and ran with it. Between 2009 and 2015, the U.S. government spent about $150 billion on our Green New Deal, nearly half of which went to renewables.
An appallingly large sum — $24 billion  — was spent on biofuels, even though everyone knew that they pollute more than fossil fuels. Now we know they also destroy rainforests.
Another $15 billion went to energy efficiency, which turned out to be a massive waste of money.
Twice as much money was spent weatherizing homes as was saved. The episode disproved the widely parroted myth that efficiency investments always “pay for themselves.”
Determined to learn nothing from history, Green New Dealers are now proposing to spend taxpayer dollars weatherizing every building in America.
Meanwhile, the two poster children for renewables — California and Germany — have become models of how not to deal with climate change.
Germany spent $580 billion on renewables and its emissions have been flat for a decade. And all of that unreliable solar and wind has made Germany’s electricity the second most expensive in Europe.
Emissions in California rose after it closed one nuclear plant and will rise again if closes another. To the extent its emissions declined it was from the replacement of electricity from coal with electricity from cheaper and cleaner natural gas.
Bottom line? Had California and Germany spent on nuclear what they instead spent on renewables, both places would already have 100% clean power.”

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